AquariumStuffs Terms and Conditions


Revised:  July 3, 2020

The following reflect the Terms and Conditions for use of this site, effective as of the date referenced above.  

I.   Content

a.      All content present on this site is the original work of the site’s staff and administration, and may not be copied, duplicated, re-used, re-transmitted, re-sold, bartered, or passed off as one’s own original work without express written permission from AquariumStuffs.

                                         i.      The exception to this clause is in the case of incorporation of limited excerpts of content, with attribution and linking to the site, as approved by the site’s administration.

b.      All content is thoroughly researched and as accurate as possible.  However, our staff does occasionally make mistakes.  Additionally, elements of our content may reflect individual opinions and perspectives on a given topic, which are not necessarily the opinions of AquariumStuffs, its owners/administrators, hosting services, etc.

c.       All content is designed to inform and entertain, while providing advice to readers.  It is not a substitute for veterinary advice for the care of fish or aquatic life.  See II. Indemnification below for limitations.

d.      All content is provided without bias or biased, racist, sexist, or other discriminatory motivations to the fullest extent possible.

e.      All content is for general audiences.  In no cases will content on the site be considered indecent, pornographic, visually disturbing, or otherwise require warnings, age verifications, or ratings that would exclude general audiences from viewership. 

                                                  i.      Likewise, where content on the topics provided may be restricted based on local, state, or federal laws or regulations, it is the responsibility of readers to comply with these regulations, and not the responsibility of AquariumStuffs, its staff, administration, or other associated personnel.

II.                  Indemnification

a.      Voluntary viewership and use of this site means users are agreeing to completely indemnify AquariumStuffs, its staff, administrators, owners, hosts, and other affiliated personnel from any legal liability arising from use of the site or its contents. 

                                                  i.      Put simply, this is an advice website.  It is not a substitute for doing your own research, or seeking the advice of trained professionals such as veterinarians.  Nothing on this site shall be construed as professional legal, medical, or other advice to the extent that those categories are defined in law.

                                                 ii.      Actions, decisions, and choices made by readers based upon the information of this site are to have the force and effect in law of being actions, decisions, and choices of the individual only, and AquariumStuffs shall be held harmless from any and all outcomes, effects, and responsibilities thereto. 

b.      Users agree to hold AquariumStuffs, its staff, administrators, owners, hosts, and other affiliated personnel blameless for any and all technological problems they may have during or after use of the site, included but limited to 1) malfunctions of the site, 2) malfunctions of their web browser, computer, mobile device, etc., 3) infection with viruses or malware from advertisements or affiliates, 4) compromises of identify based on voluntarily provided personal information, or 5) any other deleterious effects on user’s technology or other belongings, whether or not it could reasonably be argued to have been caused by use of AquariumStuffs, either partially or wholly.

                                                  i.      AquariumStuffs takes user privacy and experience seriously.  Please see our Privacy and Cookie Policy for more information.

                                                 ii.      AquariumStuffs makes every reasonable effort to ensure that the advertising networks and affiliate networks featured on our site do not contain malware, viruses, or other malicious content, but does not purport to have any responsibility to do so, and consequently waives all legal responsibility in this area.

III.                Website is Provided “As-Is”

a.      The content, design, and other aspects of this website are provided in “as-is” condition, without claim or contest to validity, functionality, or other objective or subjective measures of quality and usability.  As no explicit membership is required, the only agreements between AquariumStuffs and users shall be those governed by this document.

b.      No expectations, explicit or implied, shall exist on the part of users of the site as to the frequency of updates, quality or validity of content, functionality and compatibility of the website, or any other criteria, except where required by law.

IV.               Advertising and Affiliate Programs

a.      At the sole discretion of the site administration, advertising, affiliate programs, or other sponsored content, links, or monetization may be undertaken on the website.

b.      All advertising, affiliate programs, and other monetization will be selected with care to be relevant to site users based upon the articles and areas in which it is placed.

c.       The company will undertake reasonable efforts to ensure the quality and relevance of advertising, but shall be held blameless, as outlined in II. Indemnification from any consequences of these elements, click-throughs, and other user interactions. 

d.      AquariumStuffs is a participant in the Amazon Associates affiliate program.  Links to products featured on our site through and its member sites can provide a commission upon purchase to help with the administrative and other costs related to this site.  Placement of Amazon links on the site in no way implies endorsement of AquariumStuffs by Amazon.

e.      No advertising, affiliate programs, or other revenue-generating programs that inure to AquariumStuffs shall compromise the editorial independence or integrity of the content featured on AquariumStuffs.  They are engaged in without obligation.

V.                 Administration and Moderation

a.      The site administrators retain sole discretion to moderate, remove, or redact user-submitted content, malicious content, or other content that they find objectionable, without debate or appeal from users.

                                                  i.      This includes, but is not limited to, offensive names, comments, advertisements, malicious programs, the results of hacking or other malicious actions against the site, or any other content as determined by the administrators.

                                                 ii.      Repeated violations may result in IP addresses being banned from accessing the site. 

b.      Any other administrative and moderation actions that the administrators deem necessary for the functioning, quality, or viability of the site may be undertaken at their sole discretion, at any time, up to and including shutdown of the website.

VI.               Malicious Action Against the Site

a.      Any attempted malicious actions against the site will be investigated, reported, and prosecuted to the fullest extent of applicable laws.  These actions include, but are not limited to 1) denial of service attacks, 2) fraudulent/spam comment or contact submissions, 3) hacking the site with the intent or effect of altering its content, presentation, access, administration, or other factors, 4) the implantation of malicious programs, malware, viruses, or other products designed to harm the site, site users, advertisers, affiliates, hosts, or other affiliated stakeholders, 5) repeatedly posting offensive or illegal content in areas where users can provide feedback, comments, or posts of their own, 6) attempting to smear, defame, libel, or otherwise taint the reputation of the site unfairly in the media, public discourse, on competitive websites, or elsewhere, as protected by law, and 7) any attacks or actions of a negative nature against our staff, administrators, owners, hosts, contributors, advertisers, or otherwise affiliated personnel.

VII.             Retention of Rights

a.      AquariumStuffs retains any and all rights to content and conduct within its website that are not explicitly stated in this document.

                                                  i.      Exceptions include any rights that may supersede this clause, including but not limited to the rights of advertisers over their own intellectual property, the rights of stock photo owners transferred via license only, and similar situations.

VIII.           Survival and Transfer of Rights

a.      In the event of a change in ownership of this site, dissolution of the site, purchase, modification, or other material changes to the site in its form as of the date of this document, all rights granted herein shall survive that transaction and transfer to new ownership, unless explicitly denied as part of any agreement thereto.

b.      In the event of dissolution of the site, content remains copyright of the site, staff, administrators and owners, and all relevant terms and conditions relating to use of that content still apply in perpetuity throughout the universe. 

IX.                Force and Effect In Law

a.      This document shall have the force and effect in law of a legally binding contract between users of the AquariumStuffs site and the owners, administrators, staff, management, hosts, and other affiliated personnel, except where prohibited or modified by superseding law.

b.      If users do not wish to abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined in this document, then they are required to cease using the AquariumStuffs site.  Continued voluntary use constitutes acceptance for this agreement.

X.                  Force Majeure

a.      AquariumStuffs provides no guarantees of service, content availability, access, speed, quality, or other factors relating to the site and its users.

b.      This includes factors both within and beyond the control of AquariumStuffs, its staff, administrators, owners, contributors, hosts, or other affiliated personnel.

c.       In the case of circumstances beyond the control of the company, the doctrine of force majeure shall apply.

XI.                Changes and Revisions to This Document

a.      AquariumStuffs retains the right to modify these Terms and Conditions at any time, and will post revised Terms and Conditions as of their effective date, with the date indicated at the top of this document.