AquariumStuffs Privacy and Cookie Policy

Updated:  July 3, 2020

AquariumStuffs is committed to respecting the privacy of our users.  Our privacy policy is very simple as a result.  In plain English, we do not collect data on our users, except as captured in anonymized and aggregate form (for example, website traffic statistics). 

No personally identifiable information (PII) is collected through normal use of this site, nor is any personal data under the scope of the EU GDPR regulation.  Choosing to voluntarily provide such data to the public, through comment forms and other mechanisms, voids any responsibility on the part of AquariumStuffs to hide, obfuscate, protect, or otherwise manage that information.

  1. We do not require memberships, nor require readers to disclose any personal information to us in order to view or use our site.
  1. Voluntarily disclosed information, including but not limited to e-mail address, country of residence, etc. that is collected through contact forms, newsletter registration, alert registration, or through contacts or the comment features on the site will remain private and confidential, and are used for no purposes aside from managing the website and responding to inquiries from users. E-mail addresses will not be sold or traded, nor disclosed on the site.  They are not databased or processed in any way, beyond what is automatically archived and captured by the content management software on which the site is built.
  1. Names provided as part of the comment process will be displayed on the site, though there is no requirement that these reflect actual readers’ legal names – nicknames are fine. Names that are deemed to be offensive or obscene may be removed, and/or have their comments removed, at the website administrator’s sole discretion. 
  1. This site may, at times, use cookies, in order to accelerate page loading and provide better service to our readers. These cookies are not designed to track or monitor user activity, nor to capture any personal data or PII.  They are not used for profiling, advertising, or other purposes, and in no way correlate with e-mail addresses, names, or other personally identifiable information. 
  1. There may be analytics or other processes run through our web servers, including but not limited to Google Analytics, proprietary statistics packages, and analytics as part of the WordPress publishing platform and affiliated add-ons, that are used for web administration purposes. They are not used for tracking, and do not intentionally collect or correlate any personally identifiable information about our users with any of the statistical data that they provide for administration.
  1. Our staff and authors may or may not use pseudonyms, and may or may not be directly contactable, at their and the administrator’s discretion. At all times, a main contact e-mail address, or a form for contacting the site administrator, will be available.
  1. All photos and visual material presented on this site are either original work, purchased under contract, public domain or properly-attributed material (such as promotional images from product manufacturers), or validly-licensed stock artwork. We make our best effort to ensure we comply with all applicable privacy laws with respect to visual depictions of individuals.  If you appear in one of these works, and believe our display violates your privacy rights, please contact us through our contact page.
  1. All product photos, diagrams, descriptions, and related material on our site are sourced from the relevant official images, data, or press kits available from the manufacturer wherever possible. We strive to comply with all associated guidelines for their use on our site, and voluntarily participate in brand guideline approval processes where applicable.  However, in all cases, it is our assertion that the use of these assets fall under the scope of the Fair Use doctrine, to review, comment on, and critique products and services available to the public.  Their inclusion is not meant to imply or convey approval, affiliation, or endorsement, in either direction, between AquariumStuffs and the respective sources of the photos, diagrams, descriptions, or related material, and their relevant copyright or IP holders.  We maintain no claim as to the accuracy or current status of any photos, diagrams, descriptions, and related material that may be used.  Nevertheless, if you appear in or are the copyright holder to one of these works, and believe our display violates your privacy rights or intellectual property rights, please contact us through our contact page.
  1. All written content featured on the website is the original creation of the site’s authors and administrators, reflective of their opinions and experience. Where excerpts, quotes, features, specifications, or other material of external origin is used, it is either attributed or non-protected (e.g. the specifications for a product that is reviewed).  If you own or operate one of the businesses whose products may be reviewed on our site, and wish to clarify, contest, or update information on your business or product, you may contact us through our contact forms featured on the site.  The administration maintains AquariumStuffs will strive to be as accurate as possible, but is not obligated to retroactively update, amend, clarify, modify, or change any of the original content produced by our team.
  1. We maintain the right to review and comment on publicly-available products, services, businesses, and related topics that fall within the principle categories of our website. We may or may not feature them on our website, and are under no obligation to equally review or feature competitor products, for instance.  Including products or services on our website, and doing so under the rubric of reviews, means we are not violating any privacy rights of such entities or individuals.
  1. The administrators of this site may, in their sole discretion, institute such measures as they deem necessary to control and moderate the site. This includes, but is not limited to, removal from newsletter mailing lists, failure to reply to unsolicited email advertisements or spam, blocking of commenting on articles based on IP address or other unique identifiers in relation to publicly-viewable content posts, and other remedies as necessary.  In all cases, information utilized to accomplish these administrative tasks (such as IP addresses) will not be used for any other purpose outside the scope of control and moderation of the site.
  1. The administrators of this site retain the right to modify these privacy policies at any time during the site’s operation, and will provide dated notice on this page of any such changes.