Best Aquarium Lights for a Balanced Fish Tank

Starting your fishkeeping adventure means, among others, getting the parts and supplies that are essential for keeping your fish happy and safe. When you try to create a balanced environment inside your fish tank, aquarium lights are crucial and a mandatory addition to the shopping list. Depending on your aquarium’s size and the type of fish and plants you plan to have, you need to find the fish tank lights that meet all your particular requirements.

Your fish tank light will do more than merely make your aquatic ensemble look more attractive and make it easier for you to enjoy every small detail that you have carefully planned. Light is essential in creating an environment as close to the original as possible. That way, your fish won’t feel any discomfort, and you will be able to handle the aquarium’s maintenance much easier.

Aquarium lights are crucial if you want a planted aquarium, as they will need the right amount of light to grow and stay healthy. And keeping your plants healthy means more oxygen for your little finny friends. On the other hand, a good aquarium lamp will help you keep a close eye on the water quality and immediately notice any issues that may come along. Everything inside the aquarium, from fish and plants to corals and healthy bacteria, needs light. So, finding the right fish tank lights is a crucial step.

Below, we will go over the best aquarium lights you can find on the market and then take a look at the features you want to keep an eye on before making a decision. You will find that many aspects are involved, but the time you spend setting up the ideal fish tank will definitely be worth it.

So here it is, the list of the best fish tank lights you can choose from:

#1 – NICREW Classic LED Plus Planted Aquarium Light

The Nicrew LED aquarium light is one of the most popular options on the market, and for a good reason. This full-spectrum LED aquarium LED light has a hard aluminum alloy shell that looks pretty nice and will also last a long time.

The  Nicrew aquarium light has white, blue, red, and green LEDs, which will help you create an atmosphere your fish and plants will enjoy. It’s suitable both for framed and rimless aquariums due to the adjustable docking mounts. You can also use the Nicrew light for freshwater and saltwater environments, even if the plants inside need a medium or high light level.

The Nicrew classic LED aquarium light comes in different sizes, from 12-18 inches to 48-54 inches, and since the LED lights are energy-efficient, they have a long life span and are a wise investment.

With the Nicrew classic LED plus, you get the full LED experience: bright white LEDs for illumination, the blue moon glows for night time and red and green for vivid coloring. As for how long you should keep it on, 8 to 10 hours is the maximum limit to avoid an algae outburst.


  • Suitable for glass and acrylic aquariums
  • The aluminum shell improves heat dissipation and makes the LED fish tank lights last longer
  • Great for a heavily aquascaped fish tank
  • The price is affordable
  • Nicrew has excellent customer service


  • It doesn’t have a timer, nor can you adjust the lights in any way
  • The cord switch could be further from the light, so you could hide it

Price: You can get it for prices starting from $19.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Take a look at the video below to see the Nicrew LED lights already in use on a 20-gallon long fish tank:

Our verdict: Our Nicrew LED aquarium light review is definitely a positive one. It has so many advantages and functions really well in time; it’s a reliable option. If we also consider the price-quality ratio, which is more than decent, it’s a smart buy.

#2 – Marineland LED Light Hood for Aquariums

The aquarium LED lighting from Marineland is one more proof that they are a reliable company that always provides quality products for passionate fishkeepers. These Marineland LED aquarium lights will create a beautifully lit environment inside your fish tank. The effect you will get using this LED aquarium lighting will be very close to the one sunlight creates in natural underwater conditions.

You can use the Marineland LED bright lighting system on many tank sizes because it comes with two hinges that make it quite versatile. You will also find that the Marineland LED light bar will help create a modern design, and the energy-efficient LEDs will glow over your fish for an extended period.


  • The hood provides easy access for maintenance actions, and you can use the cutouts for many types of filters
  • Great for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • It’s both a practical and attractive option
  • You can easily go from daylight to night mode
  • The low-profile hood is quite secure
  • The night mode creates soft and soothing light
  • Easy to install
  • It comes in three sizes


  • Not suitable for aquariums with non-standard shape
  • You need to open the entire lid when you want to feed the fish
  • The clips don’t look like top quality (but you get two extra, so it’s not a big problem)

Price: You can get the Marineland LED aquarium light for prices starting from $44.61. Check the latest price on Amazon.

For a more visual presentation of the Marineland hidden LED aquarium lights, check out the following video:

Our verdict: TheMarineland LED aquarium lights are an option you should definitely consider when looking for the best fish tank lights. If you are comfortable using LEDs that come hidden in a hood, you will probably like these. You will install these aquarium lights in no time, and  they will create a great atmosphere both during the day and at night time.

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#3 – Current USA Orbit Marine LED Light 

The Current aquarium lighting system is a bit pricier than other options you will see on this list, but it’s really cool and fun to use, especially if you love gadgets. The ultra-bright LEDs will give you more lively colors, which will enhance your aquascaping, especially if you have corals.

With Orbit Marine, you get limitless color spectrums, and the light will spread evenly inside the tank due to wide-angle dispersion lenses. Current aquarium lights come with multiple modes; the storm mode is particularly impressive, as it even includes lightning strikes. These features will definitely make your aquarium stand out and impress your friends.

This Current LED aquarium lighting system will fit on many types of tanks because it has extendable brackets. As long as your aquarium is 18-24 inches wide, it will work. And using the LOOP, you can control both the lights and the pump.


  • You can create a natural biorhythmic lighting cycle, 24/7
  • With the wireless LOOP control, you can even create waves
  • This Current aquarium light is ideal for reef tanks
  • It runs silently
  • Modern and minimalistic aspect
  • The colors and the intensity are adjustable
  • You can use the wireless IR remote to control it
  • Excellent quality for the price
  • It comes in 4 sizes


  • Programming the timer can be a bit tricky
  • It could use longer cables
  • The moonlight is a bit too bright

Price: You can get the Current fish tank lighting for prices starting from $102.96. Check the latest price on Amazon.

If you take a look at this video, you will see what the system contains and how to set it up:

Our verdict: The Current LED aquarium light can turn your fish tank into a spectacle, and it’s entertaining to play with. At the same time, it’s a good option for your tank’s inhabitants, which is essential. You may have some problems getting used to the IR remote controller, but once you do, you will be glad you bought it. So, if the price is not too much, it’s worth putting it on the shopping list.

#4 – S SMIFUL LED Aquarium Light

S Smiful offers submersible LED strip lights for fish tanks that can really bring the colors in your aquarium to life. You get 9 RGB LED lights and a wireless remote to control them, which can help you create a natural-looking environment your fish will enjoy.

The silicone suction cups give you a lot of freedom in placing the LED aquarium lights, and you can also adjust the brightness with the Rise/Down buttons on the remote. The color-changing speed is also adjustable, so it’s a pretty versatile product.

Unlike others on this list, the aquarium LED strip from S Smiful is waterproof, and you can completely submerge it into the water. But you have to make sure to keep the power adapter, the switch, and the remote out of the water.

While definitely a cool option, it’s not the best if you plan to add live plants. For aquarium plants, lights should be placed on top. This strip can also be mounted on top of the fish tank, but it doesn’t really make sense to buy a submersible version and not take advantage of all its features.

These fish tank lights from S Smiful come in five sizes, from 7.5” to 23”, and they are 20% brighter to ensure a beautiful effect inside your aquarium.


  • The suction cups make it easier to attach this LED aquarium light anywhere in the fish tank, even at the bottom, to create different effects
  • The LED strip is safe and designed for long-term usage
  • It comes with explosion protection acrylic glass
  • The light they provide is soft and looks natural
  • Great quality at an affordable price


  • Not suitable for live plants unless placed on top of the tank
  • No built-in timer
  • The remote control could have a better distance

Price: You can get these submersible fish tank lights for prices starting from $13.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

If you take a look at the video below, you will see how you can modify submersible LED aquarium lights and place them at the top of your fish tank.

Our verdict: This LED fish tank light from S Smiful certainly has a lot of positive aspects. It works well, comes with a decent price tag, and since you can place it anywhere you want inside the tank, it can be fun to use. Still, if you have a planted tank, you must use it at the top, so you won’t get to enjoy all the cool features. But overall, it’s a great option and worth buying.

#5 – Koval Aquarium Lighting 

The Koval LED aquarium light is another great option for creating a comfortable environment for your fish and your live plants. These are full-spectrum LEDs and quite a top-quality product, so you can count on them to light your aquarium for at least 50000 hours. Even if one LED doesn’t work anymore, the rest of them won’t be affected.

These aquarium lights come in three sizes, 24”- 30”(with 78 LEDs), 36” – 43”(with 129 LEDs), and 45”-50”(with 156 LEDs). The hood has extendable brackets, so you can fit it to different fish tanks, and it extends the lifespan of the LEDs by keeping the energy dissipation under control.


  • Bright LEDs in five colors
  • It has three optional control modes
  • Very efficient fish tank lights
  • Affordable price, considering the quality
  • Great for aquariums with live plants
  • Slim and attractive design


  • The extendable brackets are a bit flimsy
  • Not great for coral growth

Price: You can buy the Koval LED aquarium light on Amazon for prices starting from $49.95. Check the latest price on Amazon

In the video below, you can see a presentation of the 36” – 43” version:

Our verdict: This is an excellent option when you’re looking for dependable LED aquarium lighting. The lights look great and support the healthy growth of your aquarium plants. The only thing you need to keep an eye on are the brackets; maybe put a glass panel below to make sure they don’t fall off because they tend to be a bit flimsy. Still, the LED aquarium lights work well, and for the price, they are worth purchasing.

#6 – MingDak LED Aquarium Light

The Mingdak LED aquarium light is another good option if you prefer submersible fish tank lights. These LED lights are really bright and manufactured to be long-lasting, but you only get the white color, not a full spectrum. Still, it can create a beautiful and natural effect inside your aquarium, even during the night.

The cool white light will look great if you have a reef tank, and the suction cups allow you to place it anywhere you think it will look better. And since it has an in-frame mounting, you will only see the light, not the fixture.


  • Extremely water-resistant
  • It has a safe and low voltage
  • It can fit fish tanks with a width of 17-23 inches
  • Beautiful shimmering effect
  • Easy to install
  • You can rotate the tube 360 degrees
  • Affordable price


Price: TheMingdak LED aquarium light is available on Amazon in four sizes, and the prices start from $10.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Take a look below to see these fish tank lights already set up and lit up:

Our verdict: OurMingdak LED aquarium light review is a positive one, despite the few issues. The price, the quality, and the fact that it really is water-resistant counterbalance the fact that you only get cool white light. As for algae, they can become an issue for different reasons, so you need to closely monitor your aquarium to be sure the lights are the problem. All in all, it’s a product worth buying.

#7 – Fluval Plant Spectrum Bluetooth LED 3.0

This is one of the most reputable companies that provide various products for the fishkeeping community, so it was only natural to also add Fluval aquarium lighting to our list. This full-spectrum LED fixture ensures high performance and helps you create a unique tropical environment inside your aquarium.

These Fluval LED lights have six band waves and are easily programmable. You can create 24-hour light cycles and see the fish tank lights changing the scenery from sunrise, midday to sunset, and night. That will also create a feeling of comfort for your finny friends, along with offering you a beautiful and relaxing view.

The Fluval lights provide three optional pre-set configurations: Lake Malawi, Tropical, and Planted. And with the FluvalSmart App technology, you can use your mobile device to customize it.


  • High-efficiency LEDs
  • Low power consumption
  • Fully customizable light spectrum
  • Optimal heat transfer due to aluminum shell
  • The Fluval aquarium lights are well protected against humidity
  • Easy to install
  • It comes in three sizes


  • You cannot use all the functions of the Fluval LED aquarium lights unless you have a smartphone or a tablet
  • Updating your app can be a bit tricky
  • A bit pricy

Price: The Fluval aquarium light is available on Amazon for prices starting from $149.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

The following video will show you all the cool features your Fluval LED lights can offer:

Our verdict: If you’re a tech enthusiast, you will like these aquarium lights. While the Fluval Wi-Fi controller setup may not be to everyone’s taste, it’s a cool product that works well. And you can turn your aquarium into a lovely environment. If you need fish tank lights for a heavily planted aquarium, this is a great option.

#8 – Honpal LED Aquarium Light

The fish tank lights from Honpal are another great and popular option for many types of aquariums. You get white and blue LEDs to create a nice effect inside the fish tank, and they come in four sizes to choose from.

The lights are hidden in a black shell that has adjustable brackets so you can make it fit aquariums with a width from 11.5 to 19.6 inches. The blue LEDs will look amazing during the night. Apart from the aesthetic effect, these aquarium lights also sustain plant growth.


  • Suitable both for freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • Affordable price
  • Energy-efficient LEDs
  • User-friendly
  • The lifespan of about 20,000 hours
  • The switch is waterproof


  • It’s better to use them over a glass panel
  • A locking bracket would be useful
  • It doesn’t have a built-in timer

You can get the Honpal LED fish tank lights on Amazon, in four sizes, starting from $17.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Our verdict: Looking at the price, you may not expect much in terms of quality. However, you will be pleasantly surprised. The LEDs do a good job; it’s easy to use, giving you the same experience as other more expensive products.

#9 – Hygger Full Spectrum Aquarium Light

Hygger is one of the reputable companies in the field of fishkeeping. As it happens with many of their products, these aquarium lights are also a crowd-pleaser. With these bright LEDs, the water inside your tank will look crystal clear.

You can use these fish tank lights only for freshwater, but you will be pleased with its performance. Your tank has to be 18 to 24 inches wide for the fixture to fit. If you also have plants, keep in mind that these lights sustain low and middle light level plants.

The lights come with an external controller, which can help you set the lighting time to 3, 6, or 12 hours.


  • Extendable brackets, 2 metal, and 2 plastic
  • Suitable for many tanks, even rimless ones, and a cover isn’t necessary
  • The Hygger LED aquarium light has three modes
  • The brightness is adjustable
  • It has a low-profile mounting bracket and an aluminum alloy metal shell that optimizes heat dissipation
  • The LEDs are energy-efficient and can last about 20,000 hours


  • The timer doesn’t come with an on/off switch
  • The moonlight effect has to be set manually
  • The timer modes aren’t great for tropical fish

Price: These LED aquarium lights from Hygger are available on Amazon in six sizes, and the prices start from $17.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Take a look at this presentation of the Hygger LED fish tank lights to see how easy it is to set up and use:

Our verdict: Don’t be fooled by the fact that this product wasn’t among the first ones we presented; it really is an excellent option. Indeed, it’s only suitable for freshwater tanks, but it has so many positive aspects it definitely deserves an important place on the list. It’s efficient, easy to use, affordable, and your aquarium will look amazing.

#10 – MLJ LED Aquarium Light

MLJ provides another great option in terms of underwater lamps. If you are looking for submersible fish tank lights, this LED aquarium lamp can be the right purchase. The light bar comes with an IP68 waterproof rating, meaning you can use it both above the water level and submerged without any problem.

Since it comes in different sizes, you will probably find one to fit your tank perfectly; the MLJ aquarium lights vary from 7 to 44 inches. These LED aquarium lamps have bright white and blue LEDs that will enhance your fish, plants, and corals’ beauty. But you can also set different colors if you want to create a different atmosphere.

You don’t have to worry about safety because these underwater fish tank lights have explosion protection acrylic glass around them. 


  • Comes in 9 different sizes
  • High-quality 5050 SMD LEDs
  • The suction cups are firm and keep the lights in place, wherever you want them
  • Easy to set up and use
  • The low voltage keeps fish safe
  • Sustains the healthy growth of aquarium plants


  • There is a blinking setting, but it seems to stress the fish, so it’s best not to use it
  • The remote sensor is not placed very conveniently
  • Blue and white are on at the same time; you cannot use only one of them at a time

Price: You can buy the MLJ aquarium LED lighting on Amazon, in all nine sizes, for prices starting from $10.99. Check the latest price on Amazon.

Take a look at the video below to see all the cool features of these submersible LED fish tank lights:

Our verdict: This LED aquarium lighting may not come from one of the best-known companies on the market, but they are definitely worth a chance. They are safe and easy to use, whether you want them on top of the tank or underwater. The price and the fact that there are so many sizes to choose from are other important reasons to try them.

Elements to Consider when Choosing the Best Aquarium LED Lighting

Many products are available on the market, but that doesn’t mean choosing the best aquarium lighting fixture is always easy. If you’re not sure which one would fit your fish tank best, the easiest way to decide is by keeping a few crucial aspects in mind.

The type of fish tank you have

There are actually a few different elements that you must consider at this point. Your tank’s size is one of them; depending on its dimensions, you can decide how many lights you need and how bright they must be. A narrow strip may not be enough if you have a wide and deep aquarium.

Apart from the size, it’s also important what you plan to place inside the tank. Different fish and plants require particular lighting conditions, so make sure to do a bit of research before starting your shopping list. If you want a planted aquarium, lighting is essential, and you must make sure it will be bright enough for the live plants to grow but not too bright, so you can avoid an algae outburst.

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There are even different lighting requirements between saltwater and freshwater aquariums, but we’ll address those a bit later.

Light modes

Using different light modes or just one is more connected to your preferences, rather than your fish’. Think about what you would like to look at every day, a single setup or a changing environment that can even include storms. If you are into special features, look for cool fish tank lights that you can adjust any way you want.

Your fish may not be that interested in your stormy setting, but if you set the lights to mimic the natural light cycle, they will probably feel more comfortable. Any feature that brings the aquarium closer to the natural environment is useful.

Waterproof or water-resistant

These may sound similar, but, in fact, they are quite different. Waterproof aquarium lights are those that you can submerge and place anywhere you want inside the tank. Many products can be used both underwater and above the water surface, as you saw on our list.

Submersible fish tank lights need to be waterproof, for obvious reasons, while those you place on top of the aquarium only have to be water-resistant. Splashes can happen, and humidity can be dangerous if you don’t choose the right product.

Types of Aquarium Lights

The easiest way to categorize the fish tank lights available on the market is by dividing them into two major types, freshwater fish tank lighting, and saltwater tank light.

Freshwater aquarium lights

Freshwater aquariums host fish that come from environments where the sun is usually abundant, like rivers or lakes. So, you must consider that and opt for freshwater aquarium lighting that can mimic that level of light as well as possible.

At the same time, your freshwater fish will also need a few darker hiding places, just like they would have in the natural environment. That means you don’t want lights so bright that they cover every little segment of the fish tank. Plants will also help create these hide-outs for your finny friends, so they can have a bit of privacy and feel safe.

There are a few different choices for freshwater aquarium light; we have chosen LEDs for our list because they are the most versatile, but there are a few others you can look into:

  • Incandescent aquarium light can be an option, though it’s not exactly a popular one. Incandescent aquarium light bulbs do create a softer and more pleasant light, so you may be tempted to use them to create a more natural-looking environment. But they also produce a lot of heat, which is not right for aquariums.
  • Standard fluorescent fish tank lights are a cheap and easy-to-use option that many people choose. They come in many colors and can be placed on different types of fixtures. The disadvantage is an aquarium fluorescent bulb is quite large, so it won’t fit in a standard fixture. On the other hand, if you create personalized aquarium fluorescent light fixtures, they will be far from subtle.
  • Compact fluorescent aquarium light is a better option because the bulbs are smaller, and the light is more intense. They still eliminate significant heat, so if you decide to use compact fluorescent lighting for fish tanks, you will have to find a way to counterbalance that heat.
  • T-5 HO bulbs are another variant of fluorescent aquarium light, but it’s still not a very popular one. These bulbs don’t create as much heat as the others, but the brightness is also low, so they are only suitable for shallow aquariums.
  • VHO, or Very High Output bulbs, do a great job lighting up your fish tank. Unfortunately, they also create a lot of heat, so you need to use a strong fan or an aquarium chiller to keep things under control.
  • Metal Halide lights are also quite powerful, and people sometimes use them for large and deep tanks. But, again, you will have to deal with the extra heat.
  • LED aquarium lights (or light-emitting diodes) are the best option for many reasons. They are small enough to be easily hidden in a modern-looking shell, strong enough to penetrate even a deeper aquarium. They don’t eliminate heat, and they are incredibly energy-efficient.

Saltwater aquarium lights

Saltwater fish tank lighting is essential for the healthy development of your fish but also those beautiful corals you may want to add to your underwater environment. They need bright light to thrive. Saltwater tank lights must meet the needs of various inhabitants: fish, invertebrates, corals, and even live rock.

Apart from the intensity of the light, it’s also crucial to maintain a steady temperature in the tank. Saltwater environments are quite sensitive to change and must be kept as balanced as possible, so you need light fixtures that don’t generate a lot or any heat.

While Metal Halide and fluorescent fish tank lights are sometimes used in saltwater tanks, their usage is limited for the reasons we mentioned above. LED saltwater aquarium lighting remains the best option, as it helps you create and maintain a balanced environment for all the tank’s inhabitants.

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If you’re wondering what to look for when buy LED lights for a saltwater aquarium, the requirements are pretty much the same as for freshwater tanks. There is, however, one aspect you should keep in mind; look for LED lights for saltwater tanks that offer spectrum stability. It’s essential that the light maintains both color and brightness over time to keep the water parameters stable.

Do I Really Need Fish Tank Lights?

The answer to this question depends on what you intend to place inside the tank. If it’s a fish-only tank, you don’t necessarily need additional aquarium lights. Your fish don’t really need high levels of light. In fact, you may notice that they sometimes look for a darker retreat to relax a bit. Still, if the natural light in the part of the room where you keep the aquarium isn’t that great, adding lights can help.

But if you want live plants, light is essential, and you must make sure it’s strong enough to meet the needs of your plants, according to their height and type. Corals and invertebrates also need life, as mentioned above. So, if you want to set up a reef tank, saltwater fish tank lighting is a must-have.

Aquarium lights may not be mandatory if you have a nano tank without any plants. But considering how affordable fish tank lights are and the cool features they offer, why not use them? LED aquarium lights will create a fantastic effect in your tank, will last for a long time, and won’t add that much to your electric bill, so they are worth buying even if your aquarium doesn’t really need them.

The Algae Dilemma

While fish tank lights can look great and turn your underwater environment into an eye-catcher, they also come with particular concerns. You may worry that too much light can cause an algae infestation; it’s a common preoccupation, especially among beginners. One of the most frequent questions is ‘what kind of lights cause algae in a fish tank?’.

The fact is you cannot blame the algae problem in your aquarium on light alone. There are usually more factors involved. A small amount of algae isn’t necessarily a problem, as it’s a natural element; it’s when it gains too much ground that the issues begin. But that doesn’t always happen because the light is too bright.

To make sure algae won’t become an issue, you need to keep the tank as clean as possible. That means conducting water changes regularly and monitoring the water quality. You may be dealing with too much waste. As for the light, it’s not only the brightness that matters but also how exposed the fish tank is during the 24 hours cycle. So, if you’re wondering, ‘how long should I leave the lights on my aquarium to prevent algae?’ the answer usually is 8 to 10 hours.

So, it’s not all about finding the best aquarium light to prevent algae; other factors are involved, too. For example, choosing the right live plants can help keep algae under control. Fast-growing plants will do their part and compete with algae for the same nutrients, thus preventing them from getting out of control.

The solution also depends on the type of algae you are dealing with. For instance, if you have rust-colored algae in the fish tank, it means you need to check the water quality and improve it by using a nitrate-removal.

FAQs on Aquarium Lights

How to tell what lights are needed for plants according to the size of the fish tank?

The size and shape of the aquarium play essential roles in choosing the best aquarium lights. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a fish-only tank, you need one or two watts per gallon, and if you want live plants, you need three to five watts per gallon. As for reef tanks, they require four to eight watts per gallon to keep the corals thriving.

How long to leave aquarium lights on a planted tank?

The usual rule for planted tanks is not to leave the aquarium lights on more than eight hours a day. For a new aquarium set-up that includes plants, you need to keep the lights on for at least six hours every day. Then, as your plants begin to grow, you can slowly increase the period. If you leave the lights on for too long from the start, algae may become a problem, as they may grow faster than your plants.

How to hang LED aquarium lights?

If your aquarium lighting fixture isn’t set in a hood or mounted on the tank with brackets, there are other ways to fix them in place. You can hang them, either from the ceiling or from the wall. You can use cable kits for the first option, but you will have to drill holes in your ceiling and be extremely careful centering the lights in the right place.

The easier way to hang LED aquarium lights is from the wall. You can use brackets that are usually used for heavy shelves; they come in different versions, some of which look quite nice. Since they are coated, the humidity from the fish tank won’t be an issue. You also need a few strong toggle bolts and a couple of cables, and you will be done in no time.

Where can I buy aquarium lights?

You can buy fish tank lights from your usual pet suppliers if you want to go to the store in person. The more comfortable alternative is to order it online, from Amazon or Petco; you will probably have more options to choose from this way. Our list of best aquarium lights on the market also mentions the prices on Amazon to help you plan your shopping list.

How to dim aquarium bright LED lights?

Many fish tank lights come with a dimmer to help you set the right level for your fish and plants. Those that don’t can also be customized quite easily, using a PWM dimmer controller switch. Take a look at the video below to see exactly how to install the dimmer:

Why do my fish stay at the bottom of the tank when the lights are on?

You shouldn’t always worry if you notice your fish tend to stay at the bottom of the tank when the lights are on. Just like us, they need their moments of relaxation, when they will find a darker place to rest a bit. That place can be hidden in the aquarium plants or at the bottom.

Still, if you notice that your usually vivacious fish start spending too much time at the bottom, you should look into it. They could be sick or simply bothered by the too intense light. It’s also important not to leave the lights on for longer than necessary because it can get the fish to swim around until they are exhausted. If they cannot rest well and enough, they can get sick easier.


Aquarium lights are another essential element you need to consider for your fishkeeping experience. They may not be mandatory for all tanks, but they sure enhance the beauty of your fish, and your aquascaping efforts will be more obvious. On the other hand, for certain types of underwater environments, fish tank lights are necessary.

And the fact is choosing the best aquarium lights isn’t that difficult, especially if you consider the elements we have talked about. As we have shown, LED aquarium lighting is the best option, as it checks all the boxes, and it helps you reduce costs in the long run. With so many variants available, you will definitely find the one to help you make your beloved aquarium stand out.

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