How to Find the Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank for your Home

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When you want to take on fishkeeping as your new hobby, you are faced with many important decisions. The size of the aquarium is right on top of the list. You need one that you can handle, and large tanks can seem intimidating for a beginner. Fortunately, there are many options available in all sizes.

If you want to experience the relaxation and fun of fishkeeping but don’t have enough space in your home for a large aquarium, a 10 gallon fish tank can be the best solution for you. It’s also great for someone who is just learning the basics of how to maintain an aquarium. These tanks are part of the ‘small’ category, but they are large enough to make a difference. Compared to a 5-gallon, for instance, they offer more space for the fish and more fulfilling experience for the owner. To make sure you choose the best 10 gallon fish tank on the market that fits all your needs, this is the list you need.

Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank for your Home

Aqua Culture offers many good aquariums, especially for those who want a smaller size. In this case, you don’t get only a 10 gallon fish tank, but an entire starter kit that comes with almost everything you need.

This 10 gallon fish tank starter kit is an excellent option for beginners, but also for more experienced aquarists who need a side 10 gallon fish tank. It can be used as an isolation tank or any temporary aquarium for small fish. Even if it’s not a perfect set, at this price, it’s worth buying for the tank alone. You can use it with other parts you may have at home.

The set comes with a Tetra filter that does a pretty good job keeping the water clean, and it’s quiet if properly installed. However, it’s a bit too strong for bettas, so if you are planning a betta fish 10 gallon tank, you will probably have to look for the best 10 gallon fish tank filter.

As for the lighting system, the 10 gallon fish tank starter kit comes with a hood with LED lights. They aren’t colored, but you don’t need them to be. At this size, bright white light is better; it creates a beautiful daylight effect inside the aquarium.

You get everything but a heater, and you don’t necessarily need that. On top of that, it’s effortless to set up, even without guidance. But the package does include a set of precise instructions.


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What you get?

A 10 gallon fish tank, a Tetra internal filter, a low profile hood with LED lights, a water conditioner, and fish food.

In the video below, you can see what’s in the box and how to set it up:

Our Verdict

This is one of our favorite options for a 10 gallon fish tank. Not only is the tank well made, but the kit offers excellent value for the very affordable price. It’s a wonderful choice for beginners, and definitely worth buying.

#2 – Aqueon 10 Gal Black Aquarium


Not everyone wants a 10 gallon fish tank starter kit, so we included a few simple tanks on the list as well. This 10 gallon fish tank from Aqueon is a prevalent option, not just with fishkeepers, but also people who have turtles, or even hamsters.

Since this is a standalone 10 gallon fish tank, all we can analyze is the glass and the way it’s assembled. And we like what we see. It’s a sturdy tank; the glass is high-quality, and if it’s packed well, there’s no reason it shouldn’t get to you in perfect condition.

The advantage when buying just the tank and not a set is that you can then get the rest of the accessories from the brands you trust, one by one. It may take more time, but in the end, you will have an aquarium exactly how you like it.

There is one more mention we want to make. People usually place a 10 gallon fish tank on a piece of furniture. But if you’re going to do that, make sure it’s sturdy enough, because this isn’t a tiny aquarium. You may call it a nano tank, but it can weigh too much. So, it may be a good idea to consider getting a dedicated 10 gallon fish tank stand if the pieces of furniture you have aren’t suitable. You don’t want to find that your cabinet bends under the weight, and you cannot open the doors anymore.



What you get?​

A 10 gallon fish tank     

Take a look at the following video to see a really cool aquarium that started with an Aqueon 10 gallon fish tank:

Our Verdict

Buying a standalone tank is great if you already know precisely what components you want to set up your aquarium, and you prefer to buy them separately. And the Aqueon 10 gallon fish tank is an excellent option.

#3 – Marina LED Aquarium Kit


Marina is one of the well-established brands and has a lot of experience in producing tanks and accessories. It’s a reliable company that has its’ share of loyal customers. This particular 10 gallon fish tank is compact, sturdy, and not very expensive, so it’s worth considering.

The box contains everything you need to get started; it’s an all-in-one aquarium. You get the filter, the lighting system, water conditioner, a biological supplement, a pack of food for tropical fish, a net, and a stick-on thermometer.

The 10 gallon fish tank itself looks very nice, and the black canopy completes the design. The canopy hosts the LED lights as well; it also turns this into a cat proof fish tank, while also preventing the water from evaporating. The aquarium has some black silicone in the corners, but it actually looks nice, it goes well with the black canopy. Besides, it’s so slim you can hardly notice it.

The lighting system is better than we expected. You get LEDs, not that fluorescent light many kits have. And they do a great job spreading a natural light all through the aquarium. If you start with both artificial and natural plants in the 10 gallon fish tank, you will soon have to take the artificial ones out, that’s how fast and nicely live plants will grow.

The filter, which is an essential part of any aquarium, works excellent and is surprisingly quiet. The only weird thing is that the 10 gallon fish tank starter kit comes with three cartridges, and you have to use all of them. We would have expected one larger one, but that’s not a problem as long as the filtration works. This is an external filter and is pretty slim so that it won’t take up much space. But the best thing is that it has an adjustable flow so that you can have betas in this 10 gallon fish tank. Their colors will really stand out under the bright LED light.

The only thing missing is a heater, but that’s not uncommon with aquarium kits. If you really need one, you can buy a submersible Tetra 10 gallon fish tank heater separately. You may also want to get another thermometer, the one that comes with the set isn’t that efficient. Also, if you want the bubble effect, you can get an airstrip with a pump.



What you get?

A 10 gallon fish tank, a canopy with LED lights included, a whisper filter and three cartridges, Aqua Plus water conditioner, Cycle biological supplement, fish food, a thermometer, and a net.

Take a look at this video for a product presentation and to see how easy it is to set up:

Our Verdict

There are hardly any serious negative things about this product. It’s a sturdy and compact 10 gallon fish tank, and it comes with everything you need to get started. The filter and the lights work exceptionally well, and it’s not expensive either.

#4 – Aqueon Fish Aquarium Starter Kits LED NeoGlow


We’re back to Aqueon, this time for a very cool starter kit. It comes with a 10 gallon fish tank and almost everything you need to set it up and get it ready for the fish. It’s such a beautiful aquarium that many people love it even before adding the fish.

What really stands out about this aquarium is the impressive effect created by the neon colors. It’s a compact little 10 gallon fish tank that looks so cool and modern; you will be looking at it all day long. It would be a great idea to place it in your kids’ room, as it would work as a night light, and the soothing sound of the filter will help them sleep.

The 10 gallon fish tank starter kit comes with a low profile hood with blue LED lights. The colorful silicone lights up beautifully and pairs with the glowing accessories to create a mesmerizing effect. You also get a quiet filter and a cartridge, a preset 10 gallon fish tank heater, even gravel, and fake plants.

The only negative mention we have is on the black panel in the back. The instructions aren’t clear on where it goes. You need to place it outside the tank at the back.



What you get?

A 10 gallon fish tank, a low profile hood with LED lighting, a 50W preset 10 gallon fish tank heater, an Aqueon Quietflow LED Pro Filter and a medium cartridge, a black 10 gallon fish tank background, multi-colored gravel, three artificial plants, fish food, and water conditioner.

Take a look at the video below to see what we meant about the mesmerizing effect of the Aqueon NeoGlow:

Our Verdict

This may be a bit more pricy, but you get a lot for that money, and everything is high-quality. You get a 10 gallon fish tank and everything else you need to set it up. All that’s left is cycling the aquarium and getting the fish.

#5 – Aqua Culture Aquarium, 10 gallon


Sometimes it’s better to start from scratch when you put together an aquarium, and choose every item yourself, instead of going for a set. It may not be that easy for a beginner, but even they can do it with a little help. And this 10 gallon fish tank is a great starting point.

This is your basic glass tank, made of high-quality, crystal clear glass. It’s very well built and doesn’t leak. The rectangular shape is very comfortable both for the fish, giving them a lot of space to move, and for you to clean it easily. A 10 gallon fish tank with these dimensions will go well in any room and won’t take up much space. But at the same time, you can set it up to look amazing.



What you get?

A glass 10 gallon fish tank

In the next video, you can see an example of how this tank can look, once you set it up and get it running:

Our Verdict

If you don’t want a kit and you would rather choose every item yourself, this 10 gallon fish tank is a great option. It’s a basic rectangular aquarium, it’s sturdy and doesn’t leak, and the glass is crystal clear. It checks all the boxes; it’s worth buying!

#6 – Penn Plax Vertex Desktop Aquarium Kit


A 10 gallon fish tank will give you a great taste of the fishkeeping experience, and won’t take up much space in your home. A cube desktop aquarium like this one is even easier to place and is comfortable enough for your little fish.

This is an all-in-one kit, and it comes in different sizes, but we feel the 10 gallon fish tank is the best. Your fish won’t feel confined, and it’s large enough to make an impression on your friends. The cube has a very cool frameless design, and the curved front panel gives you a nice view inside the aquarium.

The 10 gallon fish tank itself is made of high-quality glass, and it’s actually pretty light. It’s the design you would expect on an acrylic aquarium, applied to a glass one. And the result is excellent. It’s crystal clear, and it won’t scratch or turn yellow in time.

Being an almost complete kit, it’s great for a beginner. It is a bit strange, however, that the set includes a fishnet and a thermometer, but no lights.



What you get?

A glass 10-gallon fish tank, a lid, a mat, a Cascade Power hang-on filter, a digital thermometer, and a fishnet.

This video is about the 3-gallon version of the kit, but you can get an idea of what to expect:

Our Verdict

It would have been nice to have the lights included in the set. But even without them, it’s still an excellent choice for a 10 gallon fish tank. It has a lot of items included, and, best of all, it looks fantastic.

#7 – Lifegard Aquatics Crystal Aquarium


This 10 gallon fish tank from Lifegard Aquatics may seem a bit expensive, but after we go through every aspect, you’ll see it’s worth the price. First of all, it’s labeled as 9.98 gallons, but that difference is insignificant.

To see why this is such an impressive aquarium, we should take a look at crystal aquariums and what makes them special. They are built from ultra-low iron, 45 degrees cut glass, so they are extremely clear, without any green or blue tint. And they are put together with such extra care; they look like pieces of jewelry. These are rimless aquariums with invisible glue joints, and they are elegant and modern.

Lifeguard Aquatics makes three models, but the one on our list is a 10 gallon fish tank with a built-in back filter. It’s a showpiece aquarium. Even if you decide to buy it just for the tank itself, it’s still an excellent deal.

The truth is the tank is where the value of this package lies. The filtration method is not ideal. The pump isn’t powerful enough for the nozzle that comes with it. You can buy a different nozzle from them, but it won’t be that cheap. The filtering system of this 10 gallon fish tank is also a bit difficult to set up for an inexperienced fishkeeper, and the instructions aren’t that helpful. The inflow may cause some problems if you have surface plants, because they may get sucked into the mechanical filter.



What you get?

an ultra-clear 10 gallon fish tank, a built-in back filter, a sponge mechanical filter, a pump, bottom drain/plug, a directional jet return nozzle, and a mat.

Take a look at the following video for a presentation of this crystal aquarium:

Our Verdict

This aquarium doesn’t come with many accessories. And the ones it does have are not top of the line. But the 10 gallon fish tank itself is so sturdy, the glass is so amazing, and the design is so beautiful that it’s worth paying the price just for that.

#8 – Hagen Fluval Flex Aquarium


Fluval is one of the companies you can rely on for good products for your fishkeeping hobby, at a reasonable price. And this 9-gallon glass aquarium is no exception. It’s a kit designed for freshwater, where both the fish and the plants will thrive.

Beginners will love this kit because it has almost everything they need, and it’s all effortless to set up. It has a multi-stage filtration system that does a great job keeping the water crystal clear. Just like many other kits, this one also has a few weak spots, but it’s still a good starting point. Once you see what needs to be improved, you can upgrade it. But the fact that it has a good filter is crucial.

The shape and design also make this aquarium a great choice. It’s not exactly a 10 gallon fish tank, but the shape makes it hold a lot of water while not taking up much space. You can easily place it anywhere in your home, and it will look great. If you make the transition from a 5-gallon aquarium to this one, you will see that it can hold about 80% more water, but it doesn’t seem that much bigger; and its footprint is almost the same.

As for the lighting system, it’s a good one. The LEDs are very bright at full capacity, but you have the possibility of dimming them. You also get colored lights, and you can even create a lightning storm effect. You probably won’t use that feature very often, but it is nice that you can have white light and color on at the same time, so you can make the light softer. But there is a negative aspect of the lighting system. It’s all controlled from a remote, and if you lose or damage it, you have no other way of turning the lights on and off. So, you must be extra careful with the remote.

This Fluval aquarium has a curved front panel that will give you a nice view of the fish and plants and also contributes to making it look larger than it actually is. However, the glass is pretty thin, so you must be very careful when you set it up because it probably won’t survive if you drop it.



What you get?

A 9-gallon glass tank, with incorporated illumination and multi-stage filtration system

Take a look at this video to see both the 9-gallon and the 15-gallon version of the Fluval Flex:

Our Verdict

This aquarium definitely deserves its spot on the list, even if it’s not exactly a 10 gallon fish tank, but a bit smaller. It looks great and has everything you need to set it up. Taking care of that remote isn’t that difficult, and even if the glass is thinner, it shouldn’t be a problem. Glass tanks need to be handled with care anyway. And for this price, it’s a brilliant buy!

#9 – All Glass Aquariums, Black, 10 Gallon


This 10 gallon fish tank is another good option if you prefer to buy everything separately rather than get a set. You start with a solid glass tank and then get every item from your favorite brand, to get the final version exactly how you want it.

This is a rectangular tank, so it will be very easy to clean and aquascape. Your fish will also be pretty happy with all the space they will have to swim around. It’s a sturdy tank made from thick and clear glass, and if it’s adequately packed, you should receive it intact. It doesn’t come with a lid; you have to buy one separately.



What you get?

A glass 10 gallon fish tank

If this is the first time you set up a 10 gallon fish tank and you bought the items separately, take a look at this video for step by step instructions:

Our Verdict

We added this tank to the list because it’s a reliable option if you decide against a 10 gallon fish tank starter kit. It’s a well-built tank, the glass is high-quality, and the rectangular shape is very comfortable. You can start from this and turn it into a beautiful aquarium.

#10 – Hygger Horizon 8 Gallon LED Glass Aquarium Kit for Starters


Hygger usually does a great job delivering stunning and high-quality desktop aquarium kits, and this one is a great example. It’s a bit smaller, not a 10 gallon fish tank, but the difference is neglectable. And it’s such a good product; we felt it needs to be on the list.

It’s a compact aquarium that will fit perfectly in so many places, like a countertop, a desk, or a nightstand. It has a small footprint, but the bowed front panel and the overall design make it look larger. Once you set it up and connect the lights, it will completely transform the atmosphere in the room.

It comes with a beautiful built-in 3D background, with fake rocks. It only covers about half the surface and doesn’t go all the way back. We think it’s nice; it leaves space for plants or for the fish and shrimps to hide. Some may dislike that; it’s just a matter of taste. But the fact is the background is very realistic, and it looks just like the picture. The background also hides the filter, which is pretty cool.

The filter works well, has a great flow, and has an extended spray bar. It’s also very quiet; you will hear no motor sound. It’s a low water filter that will keep your aquarium crystal clear. You can do water changes every one or two weeks, but don’t take out more than 50% of the water. The filter is also easy to take apart, and all you have to do is replace the padding and carbon pellets. If you are a beginner, the instructions will guide you through every step.

The lighting system is another positive aspect of this kit. You get three LED light modes that you can change from an external light controller. There is also a built-in timer for 3, 6, or 12 hours. Basically, the lights alone will make this aquarium irresistible, image how it will look when you also add the fish. They are also bright enough to sustain live plants without any problem.



What you get?

A glass tank, a decorative 3D background, a lighting system with an external controller, an adjustable filter pump.

Take a look at the video below to see this tank up and running:

Our Verdict

We love this aquarium for many reasons. It looks great, and it has many realistic touches, like the rocks and even moss coloring. It’s compact enough to fit anywhere but also comfortable for your fish. The filter and the lights work very well. And, overall, it offers excellent quality at a reasonable price.

Pros and Cons of a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

A 10 gallon fish tank kit means you are still in the small aquarium category but at an upgraded level. The size of these tanks has both advantages and disadvantages, depending on how you look at it.  Or, more precisely, it depends on whether you compare them with a smaller or a larger one. It’s a known fact that larger is better when it comes to aquariums, but not everyone can afford to buy a huge aquarium or find the time to maintain it. With that in mind, a 10 gallon fish tank can be a reasonable choice. But let’s see the ups and downs first.

Advantages of a 10 gallon fish tank

  • First, there’s the price. A tank this size isn’t costly, especially if you go for a 10 gallon fish tank kit. They are not all cheap, but if you consider what you get for the price, they are relatively affordable.
  • The size is quite versatile. A 10 gallon fish tank is still small enough to fit on a piece of furniture, so you don’t have to buy a dedicated 10 gallon fish tank stand. But make sure that furniture is sturdy. One of these aquariums will weigh about 100 lbs.
  • The volume you get is significantly bigger in a 10 gallon fish tank than the one you get with the smaller tanks. And some of these 10-gallon aquariums have a very small footprint.
  • The water parameters are much easier to maintain than with a smaller tank. And keeping the water as stable and clean as possible is crucial.
  • Maintenance won’t be that difficult. An aquarium this size can take as little as 15 to 20 minutes of your time every week.
  • The 10 gallon fish tank stocking ideas can be a bit more varied than with a smaller aquarium. The fish will be about the same size, but you can have more, as well as some nice plants.
  • It’s a multi-purpose tank. A 10 gallon fish tank is ideal for a quarantine tank, which any serious aquarist should have. Even if you have a larger aquarium, it’s good to have a smaller one aside, for isolation purposes. It can be for a sick fish or a female holding eggs.
  • It’s an excellent option for a beginner to help them learn how to maintain an aquarium. A 10 gallon fish tank is not a bad starting point for fishkeeping. Although if everything goes well, they will probably start planning the next aquarium, a bigger one.

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Disadvantages of 10-gallon fish tank dimensions

There are two downsides to this category. They are actually aspects that came up at the Pros section when we compared these tanks to smaller ones. This time, we’ll consider larger aquariums to see the difference.

The water parameters are acceptable in a 10 gallon fish tank, but much easier to keep stable in a 20 gallon, not to mention a larger one. The larger the tank, the less frequent the water changes have to be. So, if the space in your home, the budget, and your time allow it, go bigger!

The stocking options also improve as the size of the tank goes up. So, if you want a larger school or bigger fish, a 10 gallon fish tank won’t be enough.

Overall, once you balance the pros and cons, you’ll see that these aquariums will be worth it, especially if you’re a beginner. They give you plenty of space to aquascape and quite a few stocking options, all at a reasonable price.

Things to Consider Before Buying a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

If you saw a cool 10 gallon fish tank and can already see it in your home, there are a few things you need to think about first. It’s the same process before buying any aquarium, more or less. These are the things you need to consider.


The shape is essential, especially if you don’t have a big room or many options where to put it. If you take a close look at our list, you will see that if you choose a cube 10 gallon fish tank, it will have a smaller footprint, while giving you the same volume of water. The 10 gallon fish tank dimensions may vary, so if you plan to place it on a nightstand, measure it very well first.

Where to put it?

It’s not all about the shape; you also have to make sure the piece of furniture you are going to use as a stand is sturdy enough for the 10 gallon fish tank. These aquariums may not look that big, but once you fill them with water, they will be pretty heavy. The last thing you want is to put it on your desk and then see it bowing in time.

The location is also essential for visual impact. These are beautiful aquariums; many of them have modern and exciting designs, so they can really make the room look better if you place them well. You also want to make sure you will fully enjoy their therapeutical effect. For example, if you have a 10 gallon fish tank near your bed, you will fall asleep easier and more relaxed.

Glass or acrylic?

This is a question you need to answer no matter what size of tank you want. They both have positive and negative aspects. However, in the 10 gallon fish tank category, glass seems to dominate the market. If you have the budget for low-iron glass, it would be even better, because it’s even more clear and has no green or blue taint. But, of course, it’s a matter of taste.

The price

Price is always an important aspect to consider. If you think of buying a 10 gallon fish tank starter kit because it’s cheaper, make sure the components are of high quality. Otherwise, you may later go over your budget by replacing faulty items. And also, remember to consider the maintenance expenses that will soon start adding up. At the same time, if you are patient enough to wait for a sale, you will definitely find a cheap 10 gallon fish tank, so that you can cut down the expenses.

The quality

This is one aspect you don’t want to ignore. Make sure you get a sturdy 10 gallon fish tank, made of high-quality materials, and that it’s well-built, so it doesn’t leak. You cannot actually check it for leakage until you receive it, but you can choose a trusted brand. That way, you have better chances of getting the most for the money you pay. If you want a kit, the filter and the lights must also be more than decent.

The type of fish you want to have

A 10 gallon fish tank is still pretty small size of an aquarium, so you will only have to place small fish inside it. But you still should do a bit of research before choosing them to make sure they will peacefully coexist and be happy in their new home. For instance, some fish are more mellow, while others have a lot more energy and can even be aggressive. Some like to linger at the bottom while others prefer to swim on a higher level. So, think about the best fish for 10 gallon tank when choosing the shape and height of the aquarium.

How to Set Up a 10 Gallon Freshwater Fish Tank?

Setting up a 10 gallon fish tank is not difficult if you take it one step at a time. In fact, it can be fun, especially the part where you choose and place the decor. Aquascaping a tank can make you feel like a fancy designer, preparing a fashionable home for your fish. To make sure you don’t miss anything, these are the steps you need to take:

  1. Check your list and make sure you have all the necessary items.
  2. Place the clean 10 gallon fish tank on the stand, or the piece of furniture you use as a stand. Make sure you don’t use any detergents when cleaning the tank, so as not to leave any residue that can affect the water quality.
  3. All the decorations that will go into the 10 gallon fish tank need to very clean, so rinse them carefully.
  4. Start with placing the gravel or sand, whichever you chose. Depending on the 10 gallon fish tank dimensions, you may have to buy extra gravel to cover the whole bottom. Then add the rest of the decorations. There are so many options available; you can go wherever your imagination takes you. You can have a theme, or keep it natural, whatever you prefer. If you decide to use artificial plants and driftwood, make sure to anchor them; otherwise, they may float to the surface once you add the water.
  5. Set the background, if you want to use one in your 10 gallon fish tank. There are many options to choose from; you will certainly find one that will go well with the decorations and fish. Just use clear tape to set it at the back of the tank, on the outside. The background will also help hide the wires and other elements hanging at the back.
  6. Put the filter inside the 10 gallon fish tank, using the suction cup to set it against the back panel. Then set the temperature to 78 degrees. This is the standard temperature for most freshwater aquariums.
  7. The next step is to install the best 10 gallon fish tank filter. Check if the suction tube is correctly placed in the pump; be sure that you install the strainer on the tube. Next, you need to place the biowheel, to provide a surface for the beneficial bacteria to grow on. Then place the cartridge and the cover of the filter.
  8. Pour the water into the tank. If you use tap water, you need to add a dechlorinator, one of good quality.
  9. Once the 10 gallon fish tank is filled, plug in the equipment and start the filter. If you notice it has problems, add some water at the back of the filter. That will help it get going.
  10. It’s time to install the lights. If your aquarium comes with a full cover, the lights are already included in it.
  11. The last step before thinking about adding the fish is to cycle the aquarium. This is a crucial step, so don’t hurry through it.

How to Maintain a 10 Gallon Fish Tank

‘Maintaining’ is the most crucial term here. You shouldn’t be concentrating on cleaning the tank, but rather on maintaining a stable and healthy environment. You do that by performing regular water changes, but there are some things you need to keep in mind.

First, the frequency of water changes may differ from one aquarium to another. It depends on how dirty it gets, how cloudy the water is, how many fish you have, and if you are overfeeding them. If you are a beginner, it will be a bit difficult at first until you get used to observing the changes in the tank. What helps in these early stages is to test the water regularly to see what the situation is.

The cleaning method is pretty standard for any aquarium. You have to remove part of the waste from the water, but not all of it, so you don’t shock the environment. The beneficial bacteria are essential and are growing all over the tank, in the filter, on the gravel and decorations, and even on the glass walls. That bacteria is what keeps the water stable; it breaks down ammonia and nitrate and creates a healthy environment for the fish. So, the last thing you want to do is shock it.

If you’re not careful, cleaning the tank can do more harm. We’ll stress this again because it’s vital: The water inside your 10 gallon fish tank has a fragile balance, and you need to be extra careful not to mess with it. Any sudden change in the water parameters will affect the water, hence the fish. That’s why you need to do regular maintenance so that the water parameters don’t get to change drastically.

But sometimes that happens. Let’s say that for whatever reason, you have skipped the maintenance session. The water is now cloudy and even smells a bit. The worst thing you can do at this point is to do a significant water change and overclean everything inside the tank. You may be tempted to do that to get things to normal quickly. But that will send the environment inside your 10 gallon fish tank into shock. Your fish can actually die from nitrate shock if the parameters drop suddenly.

You have to do it gradually and make sure that the PH of the water you want to pour is the same as the one that’s still in the tank. It’s a good idea to prepare the water before and let it sit, to give it a chance to degas. Remember, your goal is to reduce the shock as much as you can.

The key is to do regular water changes, of about 20%, often enough not to allow the water to get filthy. If it does, the filtration system will stop working, and if you do any significant changes, you are just setting yourself up for a colossal disaster.

Maintenance means water changing, replacing the carbon, cleaning the filter without removing all the bacteria, and testing the water to see what the parameters are. Don’t forget about the gravel or sand bed; that’s actually one of the most efficient filters for an aquarium. It will hold a lot of waste, so clean it slowly to remove whatever stuff has been settling in there.

For maintaining the 10 gallon fish tank, arm yourself with a good gravel cleaner, a siphon, a bucket that you only use for water changes, a good algae pad, some test kits, and dechlorinators. Once you get used to it, it won’t feel like a chore anymore. And it will make a massive difference for your fish.

How Many Fish Can Be in a 10 Gallon Tank?

Overcrowding the aquarium can be very dangerous for the fish because they will produce more waste than the filtering system can handle. So even if you love watching them swim together, don’t add too many. The general rule is 1-3 small fish per gallon of water. If it’s a new tank, add them gradually, and make sure they are compatible. Keep the shape in mind; there are different 10 gallon fish tank dimensions available, and they can influence the space fish have available to swim around.

You also need to consider the space the decorations and plants occupy; you may have less volume than you think. For a 10 gallon fish tank, a small school of fish may be enough. If when it comes to the tank bigger is better, when choosing the fish for 10 gallon tank go for less, they will be happier and more comfortable.

FAQs on Best 10 Gallon Fish Tank for Your Home


How much does a 10 gallon fish tank weighThis isn’t an exact number; it’s more of an approximation, as the weigh can vary for different reasons. But in general, a glass 10 gallon fish tank will weigh about 11 lbs. empty and 111 lbs. when it’s filled with water.

How much gravel for a 10 gallon fish tankThe amount of gravel you need to use depends on every 10 gallon fish tank dimensions, more precisely on its footprint. For a standard rectangular one, use 10 to 15 lbs. of gravel.

How much is a 10 gallon fish tankThe price of a 10 gallon fish tank depends on a few things, like the quality, the material, the brand. The basic tank, sold by itself, not even with a lid, starts from about $30, but it can be more expensive if it’s made of low-iron glass. If you want a kit, the price can vary a lot, as you can see from our list. It can go as high as $170. But don’t get stuck on the price tag, check to see what you get for that money. It’s better to pay a little more, get the best 10 gallon fish tank, and not have to worry about changing items that don’t work well.

How much electricity does a 10 gallon fish tank useOwning a 10 gallon fish tank won’t raise your electric bill that much. It uses about 150 kW per year. Again, this is an approximation; it depends on the equipment you have on your aquarium. There are many costs attached to fishkeeping, but electricity isn’t the highest one. 

How often to change filter in 10 gallon fish tankLike any other maintenance work, changing the filter depends on the state of your aquarium, on the number of fish, or how densely planted it is. But in general, you need to change the carbon filter every 3-4 weeks. But keep an eye on the water and, if necessary, change it even sooner.

What are the best fish for a 10 gallon tank? A 10 gallon fish tank is still pretty small, but there are many options when it comes to stocking it. Don’t go only by the rule of thumb when you calculate how many fish to add, take a look at their particularities first. Some of them are more energetic and need more space. But to make it easier for you to choose, these are the best fish for a 10 gallon tank: Celestial Pearl Danios, Golden Dwarf Barb, Neon Tetras, Pygmy Corydoras, Guppies, Bettas, Dwarf Gourami, Angelfish, Cory catfish, Zebrafish.


Larger is better when it comes to aquariums, but what can you do if you don’t have enough space for one? You can try a 10 gallon fish tank. It’s small enough to fit on your nightstand but not that small to only have one or two fish swimming around. In fact, there are many fun ways to aquascape it, and you can even have a small school of fish in it. At this size, it’s also a smart choice for a beginner, especially if they go for a complete set that’s easy to put together. If you carefully go through our list, you will definitely find the best 10 gallon fish tank for your home. And if you also follow the right steps on setting it up and maintaining it, you will create a lovely environment for your fish.

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