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AquariumStuffs is a blog about “ruling the waters” on everything that is fish keeping.  Our motto is to help you swim through your aquatic journey flawlessly as a beginner fish hobbyist.  We are here to clear the fog around fish keeping and its jargon, teach you how to build and maintain a home for your fish, and learn the ways of keeping them healthy all year round. 

Through this blog, we share comprehensive guides and tutorials on crafting and mounting indoor aquariums and outdoor settings, equipment, fish health, and an ocean of ingenious ideas to make fish keeping enjoyable for beginners and long-term fish keepers alike. 

We understand that the art of fish keeping is about the balance of macroscopic techniques and attention to detail.  We have classified each topic under appropriate categories to make the navigation easier for you. Whether your goal is to sustain an aquarium inside of your home or to build a magnificent pond in your yard, we have you covered! 

Currently, AquariumStuffs focuses more on aquascaping, which is the pursuit of setting up, decorating, and arranging a set of natural elements within an aquarium.  However, we understand that our readers, the aquarists, are not solely interested in fish keeping but several other disciplines, too.  That’s why we are constantly uploading new topics and content that might interest you, based on which discipline of fish keeping you prefer. 

Our founder and the writers behind the content on AquariumStuffs are expert fish keepers, with diverse interests.  They know the art inside out and are professionally equipped to give you the best advice on all things fish keeping.  We believe in providing uncompromised advice to our readers, which is why AquariumStuffs will never charge you for the information we provide.  Our product reviews are unbiased, and our content, guides, and tutorials are our own.  We’ve put it all together to spread our passion for aquariums and fish, and to help others in their pursuit of this enjoyable hobby.




Hello, I’m Richy, the founder of AquariumStuffs.  

I thought it might be useful to tell you a little bit about myself and my credentials, and what got me into aquariums and fish in the first place!  My journey as a fish keeper and aquascaping expert started with a basic 5-gallon fish tank many years ago.  As my fascination for aquatic life grew, so did the tank.  With a more comprehensive knowledge of aquatic life, I segued quickly to a 30-gallon tank.  I went on to pursue a degree in Marine Biology to follow my passion further.

At this point, nothing was stopping me, and I was channeling so much knowledge from all my education and experience that the 150-gallon tank upgrade seemed like an expected transition. But did I stop there?  No!  I had to add an outdoor pond in my yard, too!  Now, I have several tanks, a pond, and fish representing dozens of different species – and I’m only just getting started!

I am not a secret keeper, but a fish keeper.  That’s why I built this site – to help unravel all the secrets behind fish keeping.  Finding this hobby and sustaining it did not happen overnight for me either.  It started with a chance of discovery and a lot of hard work (not to mention a lot of beady eyes and finny friends).

I am 33 years old now, with a huge body of practical experience, educational background, and unmatched knowledge on creating the most comfortable home for your fish (that will also look great for you to enjoy). 

Through my blog AquariumStuffs, I want to share my take on fish keeping, to make the endeavor easier and more fruitful for both new and old fish keepers.  I want you to know that it’s ok to make a mess and make mistakes, too.  The art of fish keeping is all about doing what is deemed as ‘hard to imagine’ and turning it into a reality.